The Drawing of Reinforced Concrete

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Auto_C.A. 2019

ZWCAD 2019 compatible

Work simple and flawlessly, ZWCAD is a CAD platform solution.


Auto_C.A. 2019

Reinforcement module: high productivity

Reduce costs by increasing production.


Auto_C.A. 2019

AUTOSHAPE Technology: the bars can fit any structure

Selected the geometry: the rest is already done!


Auto_C.A. 2019

.BVBS export file for numeric control machines

By drawing directly in production.


Auto_C.A. 2019

Pillars module: easy & fast reinforcement

it takes just a few clicks ...


No limits to the structures geometries and shapes to be reinforced
Graphic and layout personalization
Set the parameters and follow the rules!

Increase the productivity of your CAD!
Reduce the resources used to produce the drawing!
It increases security and prevents errors

It computes quickly and accurately the plates of reinforcement
It allows to Export bar list to Excel format
It allows to Export bar list to ABS format


Innovation ... without changing anything

All objects created by Auto_C.A. polylines are texts of AutoCad, made "intelligent". Apply all the commands of Autocad. Just edit a text and all items are updated in real time. Similarly stretching an edge everything is automatically updated. The design is a drawing Autocad readable and printable without Auto_C.A.


All functions Auto_C.A. They are simple and straightforward, according to the philosophy that when these systems are too complex end up "tying" the designer and then "it's quicker to do it manually ..."


We consider the most important point of interface tools: maximum attention to the logical sequence, the colors that guide the meaning of the fields, to the drawings and notes, all within the masks, which are largely self-explanatory with those from real preview make Auto_C.A. a program auto-addestrante.


All settings can be saved in an XML file that can be passed on as a "provider" that will draw from the start with the same standards. Auto_C.A. It is a program "open" towards the outside, able to communicate, through the XML format, with any calculation program, for obtaining executive schemes immediately printable.


Zero rigid schemes, zero "constraints" for the designer. Auto_C.A. does not impose anything, it can be used at any level. If I like I can use only the features I need and the way you prefer.


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